Food Photography At Home

Thus marks Day 1 of food photography blog

Hello and welcome to this site detailing the inspirational journey of food as it travels across my plate and how to take said food’s image.

And with that epic opening statement I think we will begin this photography help guide with a food fact that I had been told, and believed, for many years.  God knows how many people I have convincingly passed this false information onto during my time, but I figured it would be poignant not to rectify said action.

Here it is…

An Apple does NOT contain more Vitamin C than an Orange.  


All this time I hailed the little apple as the master of all healthy Vitamin providers but this charlatan of fruits barely musters a tenth of the oranges health-vibes.  Anyway, through the power of the internet I feel this is a good place to start this food photography blog.

Photos and fancy words will follow soon so if you’re interested in stepping up your food photography at home – come back soon, y’all.


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